Sunday, August 04, 2013

(Audio) Biggie Boss ft. Steve Nyerere - Kiama Chao

3 weeks 3 tracks...I realesed the 1st one last sunday called "Amsha",this sunday I give you "KIAMA CHAO" Biggie Boss ft. Steve Nyerere as the 2nd one, next sunday will release the 3rd one...3 WEEKs 3 TRACKs... Stay tuned for 3 weeks 3 tracks mixtape....It's ma style ma way..just being me..Biggie Boss..

Artist: Biggie Boss ft. Steve Nyerere
Beat by: Den Texas of M-LAB
Mixed and Masterd by: Kita and Teaz Villah
Studio: BM Recordz

Attached the track with the cover artwork...

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