Thursday, November 07, 2013

BIOGRAPHY: Pacha The Great

Elisha James Msinge was born in Mount Meru Hospital just few minutes driving from Unga Ltd area where he lives. commonly known as Pacha The great,”Pacha” is a Swahili word means Twin.Together with his twin brother who is a guitarist was born on 6th June 1992.He attended Sinon Primary School(2000-2006) and Sinon Secondary School(2007-2010),He went High school in Arusha Secondary School (2011-2013).Currently he is studying Bachelor in Business Adminstration at Jordan University in Morogoro.

 Pacha as he grew up listening to rap Music he started to practice music in 2004 just by writing Chorus and freestyle Verses(What a Talent!!!!).
Pacha  appeared in many stages like Tripple A,Via Via,and other educational events such as Ishi Campaign,MEMUASI and others.
While studying Sinoni Secondary School he met with Rude Rodgers and Wille Nazareno and 3 of them Started a Crew called RUDE ZONE MCZ and went to studio at KazaWaza Records in Unga Ltd and Recording songs like MKONO WA SHERIA,ACHA NIJIACHIE,GUARANTEE and other songs.

Pacha a  non-smoking and non-alcoholic emcee he is a also a fine art artist and graffiti writer e also worked with other producers suc as Dx,Moscow and Hadjihandro
Pacha appeared at SUA free stage for Freestyle battle early 2012 and knocked down Motra who was a Best Battler in SUA before.Since then he keep learn a lot about Hip Hop by attending Workshops and events
Early July 2012 Pacha won a Serengeti Fiesta Mc Shujaa to present Arusha on a Freestyle Battle Final in Dar es salaam which it didn’t real happen on Serengeti Fiesta 2012(Disappointments always happen).
Pacha worked very hard to do Music and High School at the same time which it has never been easy to most of youth in East Africa, Luck him as he finished his form 6 examinations he seriously turn back to Music.

On 31st March 2013 Pacha was chosen by the Judges and the crowd attended to be the best among other 60 who was registered on a first season of SUA events and that lead him and other 3 to form a crew called KiNGS which stand for Kijenge,Ngalimi Sekei.
So Pacha is representing Ngalimi.

Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/KiNGS255


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