Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Reality and Feelings (RAF)

27th July 1987 in Moshi-Kilimanjaro at Mawenzi Hospital Kelvin Kivuyo a.k.a RAF MC(Reality and Feeling Emcee) was Born strong and healthier. His father was working in Moshi while living in Arusha.He is the Last born in a family of 2 sisters and 1 brother.
He went primary School at Green acres Primary School. Then Umbwe Secondary School and Forodhani Secondary School in Dar es salaam. In 2005.He also went to Institute of Information Technology (ITT) in 2008.From 2010-2012 went to Professional Tour Guide College in Arusha and now he is working as freelance in Tourism Industry.

He grew up Listening to Hashimu Dogo who influenced him to step in the game, also The late Langa Kileo from Wakilisha,Watengwa and Kikosi Cha Mizinga made him who he is now.
RAF started writing and practicing music in 2005 which was seriously opposed with almost all members of his family who don’t believe in Hip Hop.

RAF didn’t give up for what e trust and believe (His Talent) which was full of challenges from Family and Producers who e thought they would him but they just gave him promises.

He met with Daz Naledge in 2011 and Daz tried to give im featuring wit Jcb and Sim Kim in a song called Underground Sound which was well introduce him to listeners.

He had another chance to bless the microphone at WATENGWA RECORD,He recorded a song called “Raf Paper” which he made the whole street sing with him so well.

“Rhyme rhyme before rhyme rhymes you….Chana Mistari kabla Mistari haijakuchana…”


As many undergrounds do e tried to form a group with Sigth More and Wiseman called themselves “WATU WA WATU” which ended in the middle of 2013 after the introduction of SUA free stage which he and other members joined, SUA made all the underground artist to start afresh by learning about what is Hip Hop,Its History and its elements and that made him a good Emcee and gained a lot of fans trough Free stage.

On 31st March 2013 RAF was chosen by the Judges and the crowd attended to be the best among other 60 who was registered on a first season of SUA events and that lead him and other 3 to form a crew called KiNGS which stand for Kijenge,Ngalimi Sekei.
So Raf Mc is representing SEKEI.

His style is unique and everybody like the way he present is Rhymes

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