Wednesday, July 17, 2013

GOING BONGO THE FILM - Shot in Dar es salaam Tanzania and LA, Coming this SEPTEMBER

Going Bongo: A “smart partnership” between Tanzania and US

Going Bongo is a comedy-drama film about an American doctor, who mistakenly, volunteers to work in Tanzania for one month.

Its a collaborative project between American and Tanzanian filmmakers, and is bound to become one of the biggest film to ever come out of Tanzania and probably East Africa.

The large portion of this film was shot in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania with the remaining portion shot in Los Angeles, California. The film has involved actors, writers and crew from both countries with others coming from the UK, Kenya, Serbia, Italy, Turkey and a few other countries.

The lead role is played by a Tanzanian actor Ernest “Napoleon” Rwandalla supported by an American Ashley Olds, an Italian Emanuella  Galliusi and a Kenyan Nyokabi Gethaiga.

Other very key roles have gone to legendary Tanzanian actors such as Ahmed Olutu “Mzee Chilo”, McDonald Haule, Sauda Simba Kilumanga and one of the best radio personalities in the country, Evans Bukuku from Choice Fm.

Other than cast and crew, Tanzania was a key location for most of the shoot, with 75% of the whole film photographed here. Making it an ideal location for an international film of this caliber.

As of this writing, the film has been completed, awaiting a world premier, with a trailer being scheduled for a release shortly.

Produced by Nick Marwa, Ernest Napoleon, Bryan Ronalds and directed by Dean Ronalds


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